Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here With The Bears

I have arrived at Brooks Camp!!!
And so have the brown bears!!!

I got here Tuesday, 5/18, safe and sound. I do believe that the brown bears were already here, waiting for us and whispering to each other "Oooh, look Yogi. There's a human. Get your camera! Wow, their paw prints sure are small and they only have 2 of them. How weird is that? Oh well, they will only be here for a few months. Let's take a walk down the beach."

Well, enough of this craziness! I love it here. I will have a good posting for you, with some pictures, by this weekend. I am using a dang Mac computer (what IS it with these Mac people, anyway???) and have to figure out where to put my external hard drive and then find out where the file folder is.

Wish me luck! Back in a few days!

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