Saturday, May 15, 2010

Naknek Saturday Morning

Saturday at last! Finally there is some time to relax and not have to orient myself to anything. Those crazy youngsters were out at King Ko's last night, playing foosball, shooting pool, and sliding shuffleboard pucks till all hours. I could try to tell these folks about the Longbranch in Knoxville in the 1970's, or that bar in Nashville where Columbia Archaeological Project digroes spent so much time dancing in the 1980's... but I won't. Some things are just too hard to explain. Especially THOSE days!

King Ko has a pretty good digital jukebox (someone was playing "Dixie Chicken" the other evening) and it's free. The bar stops serving at 2 a.m. but can stay open until 5 a.m. There were some next-morning reports of either 1 bear or 2 in the park service parking lot around 3 a.m. I wondered if the discrepancy in bear numbers had anything to do with the number of beers ingested?

Here are some pix of Naknek taken on our Saturday morning errands-run. Seasonal employees can use the park service vehicle for personal use. We mailed some things at the post office, stopped at a nifty coffee roadhouse owned by a park maintenance person, drove around town a bit, and did some grocery shopping.

The only paved road on the Alaska Peninsula is 15 miles long. It goes from King Salmon to Naknek.

Ariel, Katie, Jeanette, Taylor

Coffee Shop Dude


Fishing Boat Waiting For the Salmon

Fishing Boats



Cannery Housing

Katie and Taylor, Naknek Beach

Granitic Evidence of Glaciation on the Alaska Peninsula

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