Thursday, June 17, 2010


Harlequin Duck at Brooks Falls

June 17 is MY FAVORITE TRAVEL AGENT'S birthday.
Happy Birthday, Big Bro!!!
Sure do wish you could be here!

Anglers at mouth of Brooks River


  1. The duck is a great sighting and capture.

    As I read back in your posts I got so excited for you. I know how it feels to start a new life and career as a Park Ranger fresh out of college but not fresh out of life. I'm only a little jealous of your Katmai position, yet love working at Grand Canyon. I look forward to reading more about your journey.

  2. Hi Gaelyn,
    Thanks for your comments!
    Enjoy Katmai and the Canyon - these are indeed special places.

    JUNE 21, 19??

    No, it's not the Summer Solstice ( If my Latin hasn't failed me, I think the word Solstice means Sun + To Stand Still - Thank You Jesuits).

    No, it's not Celts and Slavs dancing around fires.

    No, it's not celebrating LI, the Chinese goddess
    of light.

    No, it's not the Druids and other Ancient Pagans (who among us doesn't know at least one) celebrating the wedding of heaven and earth.

    And NO, we are not celebrating the Festival of LITHA.

    Today we are honoring the world famous Tennessee
    Archaeopteryx - ooops - Archaeologist / Utah's Florence Nightingale / Alaska's newest convert.

    The One And Hopefully Only - drum roll please -


    Don't forget that it not only is the longest day
    in the Northern Hemisphere but also the SHORTEST NIGHT and you will have to PARTY HARDY.

    Your Extremely Jealous Travel Agent,

  4. I partied rather mildly (at best!) until around 20 past 10 p.m. and then called it good.

    Sunset was at 11:36 p.m. here, somewhere near the 58th parallel.