Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo Day Off

Dwarf dogwood, a low-growing plant

My Sunday off was spent around Brooks Camp, photographing most any bear I came across, several duck families, and wildflowers. I didn't see any fish jumping the falls but I didn't spend all day there. The outcrop of Talkeetna Formation mudstone along the beach, with its fossils leaves and petrified wood, is mostly underwater now - snowmelt and rain have contributed to the rising lake and river levels in the Naknek drainage. Could this changing water level also be some sign to the salmon that it might be getting time to move upriver?

There is some serious photographic equipment starting to be schlepped around Brooks Camp, and it doesn't belong to me. I have a nice point-and-shoot Canon and use a tripod when I can, but I think my shoulder would start to hurt real soon if I had to tote around what some of these folks are toting.

Composition is everything, as far as I'm concerned, no matter how expensive your camera is.

Mallard with chicks in the tall grass

Just in case you were wondering if bears know how to swim...

Fuzzy photo of red-breasted merganser with chicks - they are not easy to photograph clearly beacuse they won't stay still!

River otters on visitor center porch (now we know where that smell inside the VC is coming from)

Starflower (maybe)

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