Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Clues To WWNW?

The contest to guess Where Will Nina Work is now moving forward like a herd of turtles! However, coming up with clues that are not dead giveaways is harder than it looks. Consider this insightful comment from one sharp-eyed contest entrant who just happens to know where I am going:
“I can think of lots of clues, but the ones I come up with are dead give-aways. Hmmm.... this is harder than it looks.”
She clearly wants the prize for the best clue by someone who already knows where I am going. 
Be that as it may, here are the next clues to help you guess WWNW!
3) This national park was designated a World Heritage Site in 1978.
4) Native Americans hunted and fished in the area for thousands of years. Yes I know this clue applies to pretty much everywhere on the North American continent, but I thought I’d include anyway.
5) Many features of the landscape are associated with volcanic events that took place in relatively recent geologic time.
Get the first two clues and comments at yesterday’s post.


  1. Yellowstone seems to be the obvious choice. But I'd like to think Crater Lake is still in the running (buffalo probably rules CLNP out though).

  2. Good choices, Ron! You will need to narrow it down even more, though. Which one is your entry?

    I would happily work at either park.

  3. A troop of US calvary chased after a tribe of Native Americans inside the park not long after it was established.

  4. You can't spread this kind of jam on your toast but will be a sweet treat, if you're not in a hurry.

  5. Bill - since when is there a national park on the Jersey shore?

    Gaelyn - cryptic! I like that.

  6. Just to fill in the New Joisey comment. There aren't any National Parks at the Jersey shore but there is Sandy Hook National Recreational Area that is run by the NPS.

    I would vote for Yellowstone

  7. dmonte - Thanks for the clarification! Actually, my family used to go to the Jersey shore in the 1950's when we lived in NY. Don't believe we made it to "clothing optional" Gunnison Beach, however!

    Sandy Hook is a unit of Gateway National Recreation Area which also includes Jamaica Bay and Staten Island.

    Always good to know new stuff!

    Your vote is a good one, too!