Sunday, April 10, 2011

WWNW? Final Clues

Competition is fierce to guess Where Will Nina Work this summer! For those of you who have not submitted an entry yet, this post offers a few more enticing clues.
Today the sky is the limit. You can submit two entries. For that matter enter three times. You can also change any previous guesses.
Here are the final clues of the contest:
6) Geysers
7) Hot springs
8) Ginormous shallow magma chamber
9) First national park in the US (1872)
These clues are so enticing you have no choice but to know the answer.   
Winners will be announced on Monday!
IMG_3143 Paintbrush


  1. Ron - Thanks for your final entry! Pretty hard to choose Crater Lake at this point - but I definitely wouldn't mind working at either park.

  2. Nina, you didn't ask Ron "Is that your final answer?"
    Here's another clue: Her sister, who is not an avid outdoors person, has been there.

  3. Jeani - Ron waffled the other day. This looks like his final answer!

    Good clue! Although, now my sister's friends have to enter (since they know she's been there).

    Time is running out...

  4. Probably not safe to soak in most of these hot springs or you'd end up like a boiled egg. And smell like one too. ;)

  5. Don't forget to take your pic-a-nic basket!