Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013 Remembered – Magic Of A Winter Morning

In these closing days of 2013 we have finally (!) arrived at post number twelve in my series “Twelve months in thirteen days.” I have always wanted to do this – to post a remembrance once each day at the end of the year, for each month of this year, remembering people, places, rocks, birds, trains, bench marks and early morning skies I have gotten to know better in 2013. 

December morning magic

This December we saw snow like we rarely see in southern Utah and temperatures lingering in the single digits and teens. Our early winter sunrise is around eight o’clock. If you have a strong enough constitution to go outside and stay there to watch the magic of the morning there’s at least time to unhurriedly start the coffee, go outside to check the temperature, quickly come back inside to put six more layers on and at least three pair of socks, and go back outside again with a camera and cup of coffee that by this time could use a few re–heating twirls in the microwave. You wrestle a lawn chair out onto the wet grass, pull those fluffy socks up once more, wrap your robe, vest, sweater, scarf, gloves, earmuffs and down parka tighter around you, plop yourself down, and watch the magic unfold.

IMG_5972 DecemberSunrise

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