Monday, November 28, 2016

Giving Thanks with Friends – The Movie

When we last met five months ago it was at Elves Chasm, a nifty little side canyon and waterfall that pours itself into the Colorado River at river mile 117 in Grand Canyon. At the time, I was preparing to hoist myself back onto our J-rig in anticipation of a lunchtime serenade downstream within the Great Unconformity. But then life happened. I have been neglectful in the telling of my tale. Was I stuck in an endlessly swirling eddy all these months? Not exactly, but close. From mid–April through the end of October I worked as a fee ranger at the busy swirling craziness that is summer at Zion National Park. I was so absolutely exhausted at the end of each day that my brain could barely gather a coherent thought, much less put together a complete sentence. It is the end of November and I am only now recovering.