Standing At The Edge – Cedar Breaks National Monument

High on the tilted western edge of the Colorado Plateau in southern Utah lays a hidden gem of the National Park system. A tiny park as western parks go, Cedar Breaks National Monument is often overshadowed by the more famous Bryce Canyon to the east. Both parks can be found in what is called the High Plateaus transition zone between the Basin & Range province to the west and the Colorado Plateau province to the east. Both parks share a similar geologic history with dramatic exposures of 50–million–year–old lake bed and river sediments. Both parks are eroding into natural amphitheaters that display fantastically shaped chimneys, hoodoos, pinnacles, turrets, towers, cliffs, and fins in every brilliant rainbow shade of red, pink, purple, orange, gray, tan, and white.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Katherine Hanson

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