Monday, April 26, 2010

On My Way

The journey through Alaska has officially begun. Jeani and Bruce and I said "so long for now" to MY TRAVEL AGENT, who stayed back in St George to fix his neighbor's sprinkler do-hickey. I also said "So long for now" to the Colorado Plateau/Great Basin transition zone that is SW Utah, and plunged headlong into the Mesquite (NV) Basin and out through the fault-block mountains and valleys of the Great Basin.

There is very little of geologic interest about the LV spaghetti bowl on I-15. We found our way easily to McCarran airport, but after driving 2 loops around the grounds, we never found short-term parking and, after hugs, kisses, and a few pix, I was left curbside by Jeani and Bruce at Delta departures. Check-in at the kiosk was a breeze. I paid my $60 baggage fee without blinking an eye.

Q: How much does a 20-ounce Sam Adams draft cost at McCarran?
A: Way too much.

Enjoy your prime rib, J&B!

1 comment:

  1. $8.00 SAM ADAMS

    I hope you enjoyed your adult fermented beverage at the LV airport.
    I called Mushers-R-Us at the Anchorage airport and they are waiting to pick you up and mush on down to the hotel.
    Call me when you get up (not when you arrive !!!)

    Your Travel Agent