Tuesday, April 27, 2010

White Rice

Would you like to know what I had for a late lunch today?

At the Glacier Brewhouse in downtown Anchorage, I started with their Amber Ale. The menu described it as "malty, medium-bodied, very well balanced. Hints of chocolate and caramel." Well, now I don't know if I would have described it quite that way if I had been asked, but it sure was tasty. Medium bodied? Sure. Hints of chocolate and caramel? well, maybe, maybe not.

Trying not to slurp my beer too loudly in a public establishment, I perused the menu. WILD ALASKAN SEAFOOD caught my eye. Underneath this heading I read where the owners of the Brewhouse are "proud to support our Alaskan fishermen and are committed to sustainable fisheries." So far so good. Slurp.

Now, this IS Anchorage. I expected whatever fish I ordered to be pretty good. But the BLACKENED ALASKAN HALIBUT that I finally chose was totally beyond merely "pretty good." It verged on the sublime.

"Alaskan halibut, three pepper spice, hot soy mustard, ripe avocado and traditional pico de gallo salsa."

I was so impressed I took a picture of my lunch. I just don't do that very often, but this halibut had such a presentation on the plate that I didn't even want eat eat it, it was so darn pretty. But eat it, I did.

I honestly never wanted that meal to end so I just ate really, really slowly. I was having such a good time that I even forgot about my beer (GASP!!!). I could not believe myself. There were also a few spears of a vegetable that I think might have been broccoli rabe (does that come in spears?) with carrot slivers and white rice. It was the best white rice I have ever had. The soy mustard knocked my taste buds to the moon.

I almost forgot to notice the bar, which looked like - oh, no!!! Granite. That's what this meal did to me.

I had another beer, bought MY TRAVEL AGENT a t-shirt, and asked the chef to marry me.

1 comment:

    Broccoli Rabe - White Rice - Blackened Halibut - Hot Soy Mustard.

    Have you forgotten the true reason you spent 5 hours in a sardine can at 34,000 feet.
    You were wasting your precious time eating white rice while only 2 city blocks from the OOMINGMAK MUSK OX PRODUCERS CO-OP !!!

    OK OK - you really could have been partaking in some of Anchorages finest adult beverages.
    IPA - 6.0% or ORSO LAGER - 5.2% or Ice Axe Ale - 9% or Hefeweizen - 5.2%
    If you were really serious, you could have asked your newly betrothed chef where the Oak Aged Beers or Seasonally Rotated Beers or Cask Conditioned Ales were served. Don't forget, you are allowed to take a GROWLER home.

    With the extra hours of sunlight, you can also find the Midnight Sun or the Moose's Tooth or the Sleeping Lady. The Tooth has live entertainment while you are taste testing.