Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alaska Price Busters

Here is a random list of some items I have purchased lately during my stay in King Salmon, along with their cost in the market in town:

1 pound of butter - $3.25
1 liter diet coke - $3.89
2 pound bag of frozen shrimp (on sale) - $13.98
Lime in a plastic squeezable lime - $1.49
Gigantic bag of Kirkland M&Ms - $17.95
Gigantic tub of Kirkland chocolate covered raisins - $18.55
Fig Newtons - $5.99
Bag of flour - $4.55

There is no sales tax in AK so that is nice. What you see is what you pay.

I took myself out to breakfast this past Sunday:
Western omelet, toast, hashbrowns (a mountain of them) - $11.95
Extra salsa - $1.50
Innumerable cups of coffee - $2.00
Wireless internet for 3 hours in the restaurant - free

Yesterday I learned more about my living and rent situation for my summer at Katmai National Park. I am not having to pay rent while living in the dorm in King Salmon. Very sweet!

We move to Brooks Camp on Tuesday May 18, a week later than planned due to some maintenance work that needs to be completed. At Brooks Camp my living quarters will be a hard-sided tent cabin, shared with my current dorm roommate. Electricity, running water, refrigerator, stove - the works! The communal bathroom/shower building (males and females separate) is located somewhere nearby (hopefully not in the path of the bears).

The price busting cost to me of these beyond rustic living facilities will be $67.81 bi-weekly. This averages out to be $4.89 per night. I can't wait to move in!


  1. Just the beginning Neen!! Have a great ride. I like reading about your experience.


    M+M's and chocolate covered raisins - you must really be in an unsettled frontier.

    The communal bathroom is the large Spruce tree to the left of your cabin next to the jacuzzi/spa.
    Generally the bears and their cubs visit the area around sunset to clean their salmon in the tub before the rangers/interpreters arrive - keep your eyes open.

    As far as your notes are concerned regarding the living conditions, I have a few comments.

    The electricity is a 24 pack of AA batteries.
    The running water is Naknek Lake.
    The refrigerator is 4 blocks of ice from the lake.
    The stove is a backpacking stove (fuel extra).

    But then again, for $4.89 a night, it's not the Hilton.

    We would all like a few more photos of you frolicking in the tundra, please.

    Your Travel Agent