Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Nest

I wanted to give you, my fans and vicariously-traveling followers (you know who you are!) a look into my cozy cabin. As you enter the door and peruse the ambiance in a counterclockwise direction you will see the industrial-era dining table, frig, counter and sink with storage above and beyond, stove and pots and pans, a funky couch (didn't we torch furniture like this back at Columbia TN in the 1980's?), my nest, some stuff (pre-pink flamingo banner), and Cristina's nest.

All in all it's quite comfortable. There is a space heater that does a pretty good job of heating the entire place as long as the outside temperature isn't below freezing. When we use the microwave we have to be sure our laptops are not plugged in - ditto with the hair dryer - or else someone has to go outside and reset the circuit. There is an ample supply of pots, pans, tupperware, dishtowels, and general kitchen stuff. There are metal cabinets in the sleeping areas for storage, and a reading lamp on a bedside table. Oh yeah, and small rugs are by the beds so our tootsies stay warm as we get up in the frigid mornings.

The bathroom is a few steps away from our cabin. I wondered at first about sharing this with 6 other women but it all seems to work out. It's not like any of us are so high-maintenance. We be cool.

View Inside the Door

Kitchen Area

My Nest is on the Right


  1. NEST ???
    Rustic and unpretentious is being very generous when I think of your current homestead.
    Architectural Digest is not able to identify the maker of your kitchen cabinets or your room dividers - they wanted to know if you have been beach-combing for FLOTSAM and JETSAM.
    I sent photos to Oprah, Martha Stewart, Home Depot, Better Homes and Gardens to arrange a Emergency Intervention but as of today I have not received a return phone call ??

    Maybe next year you will investigate the opportunities at a NP closer to civilization - "Gates of the Arctic NP" comes to mind.

    Thinking of the inhabitants,
    Your Travel Agent

  2. FLOTSAM & JETSAM are my decorators!

    I like rustic and unpretentious.

    Martha and friends are AFRAID to call back ^_^

  3. the table and chairs come straight out of my parent's kitchen, circa 1970. not bad looking digs. Martha I ain't.

  4. come to think of it, Nina, the above mentioned table and chairs used to be at our place in the Mountains. you saw them there, hence the likeness...along with rustic. or was rustic there?

  5. Alaska is ALL rustic!
    Definitely 1970's - era decor. The pink flamingo welcome banner is now up in the kitchen.
    I KNOW we got totally wasted and torched furniture like this at Columbia Archaeological Project in the early 80's - especially that couch!
    One of the tent cabins has an honestly real nice yellow formica table in great condition (circa 1950's) that I would love to have.

  6. #602
    Do you think if bribed #602 with a few chips and salsa he/she might exchange the two tables in question - don't forget to paint your table yellow so the folks in the tent cabin don't notice.
    Just a thought ??
    Your Travel Agent

  7. No way. That yellow formica number is a find and he knows it!