Saturday, July 10, 2010


As my dear friend Ben often says - "ACK!!!"

My day on the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes tour was canceled this week. How could this happen, to me of all people? That is why I am here. I was so disappointed. Apparently there were not enough people signing up for that day to warrant a bus trip and so these folks were asked if they could go out the next day. Or so I was told. ARE PEOPLE CRAZY??? I was also told that people here in July would rather watch bears, and that Valley tour participation is down this year.

When I arrived at Brooks Camp I wrote in the visitor book - "Came for the geology - Is there something else here???"

Be that as it may, I offer for your perusal and delight some bear pictures from this past week.


  1. Great pics, lil sis. Bruce likes the last one of the bear staring across the water. I like the one of the bear on the rock keeping his tootsies dry. I may be wrong, but I don't think the 3rd pic is a bear.
    Is that the same bear from the catching phase to the eating phase?

  2. Good eye! No it isn't the same bear. I used my allowable "literary license" to portray the sequence of events. Plus, the eating bear is below the falls, where the catching bear is above the falls.

    Yeah well, I did think of the title after I'd posted the post. What about the eagle??? So I just waited for one of my astute readers to pick up on that and you did!

    I like the last one of the bear staring out across the water, too. That one was taken from the lower river platform at the bridge. It's looking upstream.