Sunday, November 28, 2010

Any Old Neighborhood in the Snow

 My high-country neighborhood is draped beneath several inches of snow.  Another storm had been  predicted to blow into southwestern Utah this weekend.  It crept in almost imperceptibly, without the roaring winds and pea-sized hail and sideways-blowing snow of last week.

Saturday skies turned slowly gray and overcast as the afternoon wore on; overnight the snow fell silently and without fuss.  Sunday it has fluttered and fallen steadily throughout the mid-afternoon with little sign of letting up.  

Juniper berries

The tomato patch waits for springtime
Aspen leaves


Pink Floyd has been through many Utah winters



  1. HI NINA

    ** IT ** LOOKS ** LIKE ** ALASKA ** TO ** ME **


  2. What about P. Floyd? Did he fly to Alaska? The last time I looked out the window he was busy checking the bus schedule to Miami Beach.