Monday, March 7, 2011

Point Reyes Hostel


 Here would be my home base for five nights in Point Reyes National Seashore.  It had been a decade at least since I stayed in a hostel – at Teton Village, Wyoming – and I was interested in finding out if vacuuming at one o’clock in the morning was standard procedure for hostels, which is what happened at Teton.

Thankfully, night time quiet was the order of things at Point Reyes hostel.  

Many of the visitors were from the San Francisco area and had came up for a day or two of whale-watching or hiking in the park – I quickly realized that Point Reyes is actually in the Bay Area – but over the course of my stay I met other folks staying at the hostel from Seattle, Vancouver BC, New York, South Carolina, and France.  

The facility is located inside the park, a wooded, winding eight miles from the village of Point Reyes Station.  The price was so right - $22/night for a bed in the female dormitory with a shared bathroom and communal kitchen and living room.  The vibe was clean and comfortable and friendly.  

The hostel closed each day from 10:00 AM until 4:30 PM and so you had to be gone for that time.  This was the perfect opportunity to get out there and see the park, and not just hang out in the hostel.  On the other hand, it rained a lot while I was there and it would have been nice to be able to sit in the cozy living room during the afternoon.    

There would be only one sunny day of the entire trip.







  1. So what's a little rain?

    That's cheaper than most RV parks I stay at.

  2. I know - It's the northern California COAST. I believe they should have named the park Point Rains.

    I really did not expect anything else (but more sunshine would have been nice...). And my one completely sweet sunny day happened when I went up the coast to view the Franciscan Complex rocks. More on that later.

    All told, an extraordinary place.

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