Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kanarra Folding

The theme of my last post on the Taylor Creek Thrust Zone of Zion National Park continues here with the Kanarra Fold, a landmark that can be seen for miles along interstate 15 in southwestern Utah just outside the boundary of Zion National Park.

KannaraFold 016

The wrinkles in our geologic rug were also squeezed and uplifted 12 miles southward from Taylor Creek to produce the Kanarra Fold, where Permian limestones plunge earthward on the eastern arm of the fold. 

KannaraFold 015

Look closely at the folded rock layers.  Is there anything reminiscent of the Taylor Creek Thrust Zone?
KannaraFold 013

How about this?

KannaraFold 014

Much as the Kayenta Springdale Sandstone was shoved over itself in the Taylor Creek Thrust Zone, so were these older Permian Kaibab limestones shoved over themselves.

KannaraFold 011

Again, this spectacular faulting is seen on the east flank of the fold.

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