Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Parks Photo Journal

When I mentioned recently that I would be working at Yellowstone this summer, an old (not ancient!) ranger friend at Arches wrote that he "predicts many supervolcano posts" on this blog.  I too have a prediction of my own - that I will have a wonderful time discovering and writing about the geology and wildlife found in our first national park.  It's been over 30 years since I've been to Yellowstone and I am beyond excited to be going.

Work starts May 15, and I will be busy the next few weeks packing and getting things ready for life in government housing.  For now, I offer a photo journal of some of the national parks I have had the pleasure to visit and/or work at over the years.  Click on the image for its description.   Enjoy!
128_2859 CliffRose_Grand CanyonNP
CampingAtPoint Sublime_ GrandCanyonNP
IMG_0798 SaguaroNP

IMG_1123 HorseshoeBend_ GlenCanyonNRA

 UTAH…KolobFingers_ ZionNP
Autumn_ ZionNP
CedarBreaks National Monument

CALIFORNIA…YuccaInBloom_ JoshuaTreeNP
IMG_5951Poppies_PointReyes NationalSeashore
IMG_6005 PointReyes NationalSeashore

IMG_4120 ExitGlacier KenaiFjordsNP
IMG_3757 MtMageik_ValleyOfTenThousand Smokes_ KatmaiNP


132_3280 GlacierNP MONTANA…

132_3292 GlacierNP

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  1. Our western parks are all so beautiful in their own way. When visitors ask me which park I like best I always tell them "Whatever one I'm at." You'll so love working at Yellowstone. I too look forward to lots of photos.

    Hope you housing situation is better than last year. Good luck!