Friday, April 8, 2011

WWNW? A Contest

Many of you may be aware that in recent years I have worked as a seasonal park ranger for the National Park Service. Moreover, I am anticipating doing so again this summer, the intransigence of our United States Congress notwithstanding.

IMG_2730Grizzly BearsFishing BrooksFalls KatmaiNP

Last year I worked at Katmai National Park in southwest Alaska, hiking in the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes and directing human traffic to avoid brown bears that were more intent on devouring salmon than people. 

IMG_0464 BristleconesCedar BreaksNational Monument

In 2009, I spent my first season as a park ranger at Cedar Breaks National Monument in southern Utah among 1000-year-old bristlecone pines and 50-million-year-old lakebed sediments.

This week I accepted a 2011 NPS job at a different park, and am beyond excited to be spending the summer there. But, just where is there? Where Will Nina Work?
Enter the contest to guess where I will be working! I will post frequent clues on this blog. To make it easy for you, clues will be taken directly from the park’s website.  OK, well, most of them will.  Some clues will pop directly out of my head.
Submit your contest entry as a comment. You can win!!!
If you already know where I will be working (because I already told you – and I know who you are), you can still participate! Just suggest some clues in the comments section of the posts.
Are you ready to put on your detective hats! Here are the first clues:
1)This park is home to a large variety of wildlife.  Look for bears, wolves, elk, and buffalo.
2) Visitors often say they come here to experience the “idea” of the national parks. 
You can find information about all the national parks here.


  1. What do we win? I hope it's a car.

  2. I know, I know, but I not saying.

  3. OK so if you already know, you can win if your clue is the best one - I decide.

  4. Hike over the Continental Divide to over look remote lakes through an almost foggy air.

    Let's hope we still have jobs with the Feds.

  5. Nice clue, Gaelyn!

    I've got my fingers crossed for our jobs.

  6. Las Vegas! What do I win?

  7. No, Howard. You haven't won yet. You have to give the correct answer.

    Hey wait a minute - you KNOW the answer and you STILL guessed Las Vegas?

  8. I can think of lots of clues, but the ones I come up with are dead give-aways. Hmmm.... this is harder than it looks.

  9. How does one become a seasonal park ranger? I'd love to do that when I retire, in about 5 years. I've been a teacher now for 25 years...

  10. Trav4adventures: The best place to start is to look at for the federal government jobs posts. Search for those jobs you are interested in under "national parks service." You will need to put together a resume that addresses the specifics of each job description - this takes a little tweaking, so that you don't have a different resume for every job you apply for! Spend the next 5 years looking at the jobs and working on a resume - you don't actually apply for the jobs until you click "submit," so you can view the questionnaires all the way to the end. Good luck!