Friday, June 17, 2011

Channeling June Carter Cash

I went to Jackson yesterday, and I messed around. For some reason I don’t think old June and Johnny were singing about Jackson, Wyoming, but that’s just a minor detail. I needed to run some errands. I had a theme song. All was right in Nina-land.

First and foremost I needed to find a couple of stuffed beavers for my Junior Ranger program on beaver adaptations. I admire the little critters and their industriousness, but they are not easy to find, neither on the shelf nor in the rivers and streams.

So on my way south from Grant Village I stopped at the Colter Bay visitor center in Teton National Park and elbowed my way through a gaggle of unruly children who were sitting on the floor near the stuffed animals. “Hey! I’m the adult here! Get out of my way before I step on somebody! I need a beaver!” A path cleared in no time. I cuddled my two new beaver best friends all the way to the cash register and out to my car.

Then it was on to Jackson and some more messing around.

I checked in with MY TRAVEL AGENT from the parking lot of the Jackson Hole Visitor Center. I was face-to-face with a fierce-looking sculpture of a grizzly surprising some elk and I needed reassurance and a friendly voice. I soon found another friendly voice at the information desk. Those people were really nice! I got a pile of maps and had no trouble choreographing myself about the strange town. My favorite map was the huge paper placemat-type with all the streets and businesses drawn in. I love those!

I found the whole foods market where I spent too much on organic veggies and apricot/mango newtons. I am also a sucker for the bulk nuts and granola items. The clerk offered me the “Thursday 10% Senior Discount.” ME??? Wait a minute! When did this “senior discount” thing start happening?

Next it was on to lunch (an overpriced, tepid burrito) and the supermarket where I walked up and down every single aisle and spent even more cash. Everyone was so darn polite as our carts kept crashing into one another, squeezing along in the narrow aisles with shelves of canned green beans, pasta sauces, and bakery items. Apples and avocados were rolling off the produce displays left and right and out of the door but I had to keep focused.

I was able to lighten the load of the K-Mark small appliance department by one toaster oven before my 3PM haircut appointment. The stylist had been recommended by one of my interpretive ranger co-workers who lives in Jackson, and although the cost was a bit pricey by my standard (my standard being $4 at a local beauty school), I was really happy to finally have someone cut my hair who knew what she was doing. It was the best cut I’ve had in years and definitely worth the cash.

My last stop was the liquor store for some adult beverages. The sommelier recommended a sangria from Spain. I must have looked at him like he had two heads because he said “I know what you’re thinking but it’s really good.” So I bought a box. I am truly a sucker for a sommelier’s suggestions.

Then it was time to head for home and my little nest at Grant Village, Yellowstone National Park. Distance is only about 80 miles one way from Jackson but time-wise it takes two hours, so four hours of my day had been spent driving. The mountain scenery was spectacular, even in the drizzly fog of the day. When I finished unpacking my car I was exhausted. But since I had my two new best friends to cuddle and keep me company, I was fine. For the rest of the evening we sang June and Johnny songs and had a big old time.


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  1. You also have an adventurous and scenic drive to shopping. I try not to do it often and end up spending boocoo. Love the additions yet am disappointed you didn't share a pic of your new haircut.