Friday, August 12, 2011

One Last Summer Glance

Time certainly does have a tendency to fly, doesn’t it?  When I first arrived in the park last May I signed up for “Shaping the Northern Yellowstone Landscape” with the Yellowstone Association Institute.  At the time, attending the seminar seemed a distant prospect, two and a half months into the future – there was so much to see, so much to do.  But now it’s been more than a week since I finished the seminar and departed Lamar Valley to get back to Grant Village.  It seems strange that we are plowing head first into the middle of August already.  I have been told that autumn comes early to the Central Plateau of Yellowstone.  In fact, I think it might be here – sunrise temperatures have been near freezing this week, and there is frost on the pumpkin. 

I hope to get back to Lamar Valley in September to do some hiking for at least one day or an overnight and witness early autumn’s paint splashed over the mountains and river valleys.  But for the time being I offer a last summer glance at one of the most exquisite areas of Yellowstone National Park.   Click on any photo to enlarge.

IMG_8261Lamar ValleyFromBuffaloRanch
Lamar Valley from the Buffalo Ranch

IMG_8262Lamar BuffaloRanchBunkhouse
Bunkhouse houses classrooms and kitchen - and porch

IMG_8259Male PronghornWith Females
Male pronghorn with females

Gray wolf of Lamar Canyon pack

IMG_8280Female PronghornEyeingWolf
Pronghorn herd observing the wolf

Aren't pronghorn the fastest North American land mammal?  These females have nothing to worry about from this gray wolf.  From a hillside we watched for about twenty minutes as they did their dance and then went their separate ways.

The reintroduction of the gray wolf into Yellowstone commenced in 1995.  One place they were held before being released was the Rose Creek wolf pens, in the hills above Lamar Buffalo Ranch.  I hiked up there on my last afternoon in the valley. 

Rose Creek

IMG_8331TrailTo RoseCreekWolf Pens
Trail to Rose Creek wolf pens
IMG_8334Rose CreekWolfPen
Rose Creek wolf pens
IMG_8345 CommonHarebell
Common harebell

IMG_8365Lamar BuffaloRanch
Cabins at Lamar Buffalo Ranch

Kestrels were nesting in a nearby cottonwood tree.  The robin must like the company.

IMG_8358Kestrel WithRobin
Kestrel with robin

Why do the bison cross the road?

IMG_8356Bison_ LamarValley
Bison jamming on the road
IMG_8355Bison OnTheMove
Lone bison on the move

I sat on this porch for hours. I would still be there if I could.

IMG_8354View FromLamarBuffalo RanchPorch
Porch with a view

IMG_8372Sunset OverLamarValley
Sunset over Lamar Valley





  2. Nice photos. Lucky gal to be able to work in such beautiful surroundings.

  3. Yes, indeed, to Bro and Joe. I am definitely lucky to be here.