Thursday, December 22, 2011

Artistry In Sandstone

In the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve of southwestern Utah wind, water, and time are sublime artists, carving extraordinary sandstone sculptures waiting to reveal themselves to anyone fortunate enough to hike in these hills, canyons, and washes. 


IMG_0521Cross BeddedSandstone
Sculpted fossil sand dunes
IMG_0539Iron ConcretionsAnd SandstoneBeehive
Sandstone beehive and iron concretions

IMG_0540Cholla AndMoquiMarbles
Cholla - about 12 inches high

IMG_0544Moqui Marbles
"Moqui Marbles" or iron concretions in sandstone

IMG_0546Waiting ForRain
Waiting for the rain

IMG_0551 WeatheredIron ConcretionsIn Sandstone
Weathered iron concretions

IMG_0558 Weathered ConcretionsIn Sandstone
Weathered iron concretions in sandstone
IMG_0560 WeatheredIron ConcretionsIn Sandstone
It takes a desert village
IMG_0561 WeatheredIron ConcretionsIn Sandstone
Sculpting in sandstone


  1. Love the contrast of soft red sand and hard dark moqui marbles. Seems other worldly.

  2. The depth of color in the red sandstone definitely comes from the solstice light. It's not like this any other time of year.