Sunday, December 18, 2011

Follow Me To The New Watching For Rocks

For the past eleven posts (yes, eleven! I counted them!) we have been on a 2005 geological adventure from southwest Utah up through the Canadian Rockies to the Burgess Shale.  We need, however, to pause here for a moment.  I have some really big news!  As Dave Barry might say, Alert readers of this blog may have already noticed the difference.

I wrote in a recent post (before all this going-to-Canada stuff) that Change Is Good, and that I would be tweaking and fidgeting with this blog for a while.  I have been wanting to purchase my own domain name for quite some time but had major reservations and serious questions about how to go about it.  The whole “switching from Blogger to a self-hosted site on Wordpress” seems waaaaay beyond my limited computer tech capabilities.  But then yesterday I discovered that I could purchase my own domain name from Blogger.  This was great news!  It was also really easy to make the switch.  The only tweak and fidget I had to do was to give my blog a slightly tweaked name if I wanted the URL to exactly match the blog name.  And so, WATCH FOR ROCKS has now become WATCHING FOR ROCKS.

The only issue that remains is whether my old blog address ( will redirect to my new address  I think Blogger will do this automatically (I need to wait 24 hours) but I don’t know this for sure.  I may still have to tweak and fidget some more.
Like shifting sand dunes, this blog is always on the move!

IMG_9897Shifting Sands


  1. I'm pretty confident it will do it for you automatically :)

  2. Thanks very much for you help on this switch, Laurence!

  3. Blogger brought me here automatically. What is the advantage of having your own dot com?

  4. Gaelyn - Good to know about the redirect.
    A custom domain gives your blog a more polished and professional appearance, and should drive more traffic to your blog.

  5. I'm still with ya, so it must have worked! Rock on, Sista!

    BTW, seasonal interp positions posted, and RJ always tells us to reapply. What a pain....

  6. Marianne - So glad you are still here! I got my application in yesterday for Yellowstone 2012. Fingers crossed!