Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ecstatic In Southern Utah

There are many things that I like about living where I live – its proximity to national parks, balmy sun belt winter weather and dry desert climate, as well as near endless opportunities for outdoor fun. One of the nicest things in particular about life in St. George, Utah is its small–city bike trails. Although nowhere near completed, this system of trails has got to be one of the most scenic in the world.

St. George city bike trail along the Virgin River

On the ride a few days ago, our planned route was around 20 miles. Wide shoulders offered safety on four–lane secondary roads as we pedaled first along the popular Sun River Parkway and then up two–lane River Road. Upon reaching Little Valley the bike lanes got littler but there was little traffic on the country road anyway, even on a weekday.

Taking a break in Little Valley

Regardless, when we finally pedaled onto a section of the bike trail along the Virgin River, we were ecstatic to be out of traffic. 

IMG_1246Virgin RiverBikeTrail
Trailhead of Mayor's Loop 

IMG_1249Speed Limit
Watch that speed limit!

Of course, you still need to be cautious, lest you be knocked on the noggin by the geology… 

IMG_1250Virgin RiverBikeTrail
My favorite signage

…or become the victim of an errant golf ball.

IMG_1258Virgin RiverBikeTrail
Golf balls inbound at two o'clock!  This net has seen better days.

My tires never tire of rolling these trails!

IMG_1252Bridge AcrossVirginRiver
Bridge across Virgin River
Where is your favorite place to ride a bicycle?

Bike trail along Virgin River


For an interactive map of the St. George (Utah) city trail system, click here.



  1. Wow, you sure do live in paradise.

    1. Joe - Yeah, it is pretty nice here.

      Summers can be brutal, though, with temps in the triple digits - bit it's a DRY heat!

  2. Great looking bike trail. I don't ride, but think I'd enjoy the walk along the river. Just during summer.

  3. Gaelyn -
    I just got back from a walk along a section of the trail near my home. It's lovely in any season, for sure (well, except for mid-day in July or August!).

  4. One of my favourite places to ride is here: http://www.watchingforrocks.com/2011/11/serious-canadian-folds.html.

    Highway 40 from the Peter Lougheed Park entrance south over Highwood Pass to Highwood Crossing is closed to 4-wheeled vehicles between (IIRC) December 1 and June 15. This means there are usually some perfect spring days in late May and early June when you can ride right up the middle of the highway and take in the scenery without worrying about becoming a hood ornament. The ride to the pass is about 3 hours up, 10 minutes down: WOOHOO! :-)


    1. Howard - That would truly be a spectacular ride - both up and down! I want to go back to Highwood Pass in a bad way, and drink in that fold.

      One of these days I will write up my second Burgess Shale trip (2008), the trip we saw that fold.