Thursday, March 22, 2012

Springtime Pedal Power

March weather in southern Utah can be iffy. We might have perfect clear blue skies and temperatures in the 70’s, but we are just as likely have snow flurries in town with a foot of new powder in the mountains. 

Last week it snowed.

Today the weather was, well, perfect. 

Cruising the Parkway south of town

When the skies are so blue and the temperatures so balmy, how on earth could anyone resist hopping on a bicycle and enjoying the roads and trails around town?

Ready to ride!

No one is in the least bit of a hurry. What would be the fun in that? 

Not too much Parkway traffic to worry about

Easy–going JD always waits for his riding buddies and their cameras as they lag behind. 

IMG_1236Ride OrganizerJD
JD, ride organizer extraordinaire

In Little Valley we pass this beauty who would probably have appreciated a treat. 

IMG_1239In LittleValley
Little Valley inhabitant

We continue our pedaling, cruising the wide open spaces of scenic Washington County. 

IMG_1242Near LittleValley
Leaving Little Valley


  1. Replies
    1. Yes indeed. It was a lovely day!

      In mere months, however, the air temperature will approach that found on the sun and I will be SO glad to be in Yellowstone!

  2. Got take advantage of the great weather when it's around.

    1. Absolutely! The eggs will be frying on the sidewalk before we know it!

      Speaking of which - Isn't there an actual "frying eggs on the sidewalk" festival somewhere in AZ during the summer?