Monday, April 9, 2012

Grand Day On The North Rim

On the day after Easter I found myself riding 120 miles one–way with a friend to reconnoiter a future hike location.  It was an all–day affair. 

When the setting is this Grand, the distance driven is worth the effort. 

IMG_1286North RimGrandCanyon
Near Monument Point, North Rim Grand Canyon

I find there is a spiritual essence enveloping Grand Canyon.  Just being on the rim for the day enables me to let go of stress and worries. 

The rocks and sky of Grand Canyon have always been my cathedral.  Ribbons of wind threading their music through the junipers and pinyon pines are its hymns.  The graceful acrobatics of ravens and hawks soaring and diving on invisible thermals are its rituals. 

The infinity of heaven is in its wide open spaces. 

IMG_1298Near MonumentPoint GrandCanyon
 View from Monument Point 
IMG_1319Indian HollowTrailhead GrandCanyon
Pondering infinity at Indian Hollow


  1. I know that place. One small alter in the timelessness. Which hike are you contemplating?

    I will be there in 10 days!

    1. Gaelyn - My friend was considering going down the Bill Hall trail for a day hike but she thought better of it because of the steepness. Indian Hollow is a better choice - less steep. Four miles down and across to the confluence with Bill Hall on the Esplanade, lunch, then the trek back up.

      We backpacked (with a group) to Tapeats Creek in 1991 via Indian Hollow, but my friend came out Bill Hall while I returned via Indian Hollow.

      We're not as young as we used to be.