Friday, August 10, 2012

More Than Just Mountains And A Volcano

I know this may be hard to believe, but there is much more to attract your attention in and near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks than that dang supervolcano and a big bunch of mountains. 

If you can manage to drive past and then elbow your way through the throngs of bewildered out–of–state (and out–of–country) summer tourists and find a quiet place to ponder life’s mysteries, Jackson Wyoming has a lot of local color to offer the discriminating and thirsty traveler. 

SnakeRiver Brewpub

Consider this establishment, for instance. I recently chose a hotel in Jackson for a relaxed weekend getaway based on its walkable proximity to large vats of fermenting adult beverages. 

IMG_3308Snake RiverBrewpub
Snake River Brewing brewpub

My first beverage choice was See You In Helles, described as a “full–bodied yet delicate helles lightly hopped with Tattnanger and Hallertauer hops.”  It was #1 on the list from lightest to darkest.
Very tasty!

My next selection was Hoback Hefewiezen, “a cloudy wheat brewed Ale with a smooth spicy refreshing taste. This Bavarian style beer is unfiltered for extra flavor.”  It was #2 on the light/dark list. 

IMG_3310Hoback Hefewiezen
Is the lemon REALLY necessary?  It kept hitting my nose.

Should I have stayed at the brewpub and worked my way down the darkening list? Good luck with that!  I was already falling asleep after just two pints and it was only 3:00 in the afternoon. 

Next time.  #3.  After my nap.


  1. Not much of a drinker any more and a very little goes a long ways. Do like a wee bit of Hefewiezen once in a while. I'd rather the pubs serve a sampler of smaller glasses.

    So you've Become a touron;)

    1. Gaelyn - This touron-for-a-day is not much of a drinker these days either, so that's why I was falling asleep after 2 beers! They did have samplers which I considered ordering.