Monday, January 7, 2013

A Day In The Life

The Chinle trail in Zion National Park is a fine place to while away an early January Sunday afternoon. 

Chinle Trail Zion 013
Mt Kinesava towers above the Chinle trail

The morning started out cold, gray and cloudy with blustery winds.  At first we thought we’d be blown off the trail, airborne clear to Colorado.  But later, while we sat snacking in the warm sunshine of a sheltered wash and pondered 220 million year old petrified wood, the front moved through.  Before we knew it the winds had died down and the skies cleared to the brilliant blue of a southern Utah January day. 

Chinle Trail Zion 015
View eastward on the Chinle trail

After our 6.5 mile trek we decided to re–fuel at one of my favorite restaurants in Springdale. 

Chinle Trail Zion 018
Time for a beverage!

 Life is good!

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