Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Thoughtful Message on a Tiny Slip of Paper

One day last week I found myself feeling kind of punky. I woke up a bit dizzy, and found that my blood pressure was higher than it usually is. For that reason, I decided to take a sick day. Unknown to me, though, while I was laying about in my government housing unit worrying about my blood pressure, I missed meeting Mary and Brad.

When I returned to work the next day, my blood pressure was back to normal but I was still feeling a bit out of sorts. As soon as I walked in the door, another ranger said that there was a message for me taped to the bulletin board. Two people had come to the visitor center the previous day, and asked for me, and they had left this note.


Now, I have been writing this blog since I went to Alaska to work as a park ranger in 2010. I compose my posts and then throw them out to the universe, often wondering on whose computer screen they might eventually show up. I know that many of my long time friends look forward to reading about my adventures. Many strangers have managed to find my blog and follow it on Facebook, which for me is downright cool. I can also think of a few special folks who used to be strangers and whom I now consider new friends, our paths having crossed because of Watching For Rocks.

Then there are folks like Mary and Brad, two strangers whom I have never met and who happened upon my blog before they came to Yellowstone last week. They thought it worth their time to stop in the Grant Village visitor center and ask for me, and leave this note. Not only that, they thought it worth their time to add a fortune they found inside a cookie.

We saw your website, before our trip to YNP. Then I found this fortune at a Chinese restaurant, and thought you should have it.
Best Regards, Mary and Brad
“Your road to glory will be rocky but fulfilling.”

Mary and Brad, I hope you see this and know how much your thoughtful gesture lifted my spirits and made me smile. That tiny slip of paper made all the difference in how I felt for the rest of the day. I am sorry I missed meeting you and hope you had a wonderful time in Yellowstone!

IMG_3246Atop AvalanchePeak
Reaching for the sky on Avalanche Peak, Yellowstone


  1. I do hope you are feeling better and your bout with high blood pressure was just a passing thing and doesn't slow you down. You are a wonderful writer and I very much enjoy your blog.

    1. Hi Tom - Yes that pesky blood pressure has seemed to calm down. Thank you for your comment! I do enjoy writing and stringing words together.