Up and Away

My time in Anchorage has come to an end. I’ve had a really great week! Drank some excellent beer, dining out was almost a religious experience, Turnagain Arm is spectacular, and I shopped til I nearly dropped (so of course I had to go drink a another beer).

Two groovy t-shirts have been mailed to MY TRAVEL AGENT. I have returned the rental car with no noticeable damage. My cell phone coverage is on hold as of tomorrow. Luggage is packed with clothes, lettuce, crackers, some frozen chicken (extracted from the 245 pounds purchased yesterday) and salsa. I can take my 1/2 gallon of soy bean squeezings beverage onto the Pen Air flight in my carry-on.

It’s what we do.

Kisses to all!!! I’ll see you in King Salmon in a few hours.