The Most Exciting Cities in the USA

New York City

Did you know that NY City is amongst the most exciting cities, alongside Las Vegas
city? The attractions in New York or, as a lot of people call it – The Big Apple are a lot! It even has very old buildings, and the oldest one is built in 1940s. It is called the Wyckoff Farm, the Brooklyn house was originally built in the 1640s by a servant! Also, the first American pizza joint was built here, back in 1905. Don’t miss out the excitement and the attractions in the Big Apple and make sure to visit New York City, regardless of where you live!

Las Vegas

Another location that must be on your adventurous to-visit list is of course, Las Vegas City! We know that today you can enjoy your favorite games in online casinos like Mr. Green, for which you can read more at this link. But nothing can be compared to the gambling experience you can get at the American “Sin City” – Las Vegas! This is the city where magical things happen! Asides from being the home of the largest Mormont populations, Las Vegas is the home of excitement, fun and adventure. It has more than 124,270 hotel rooms, and is the place where you go to when you want to have fun and make real money as well. If you go to a bachelorette party or a get-away-weekend, this is the place for you. Or, if you get sick and you cannot go on that long-expected trip with your friends, don’t worry, you can still feel the Las Vegas magic at and play every online casino game you may like from the comfort of your home. Las Vegas City offers the largest variety of casinos and various blackjack games and slots games.

The city of Las Vegas is also known as the world capital for gambling. This is because you can find the best casino for anyone’s taste. With numerous variations of slots games and blackjack games, you can easily enjoy making money. The best casino for you specific needs is just around the corner in Las Vegas. If you are a tourist eager to make money and have fun you’ll surely enjoy spending a few days here. A very fun fact is that Baccarat is one of the biggest games in the city of Las Vegas. Although it has a very interesting history, the city of Las Vegas is the most famous home to world-class casinos and probably the best nightlife in the world.


There are a lot of attractions in Atlanta, which is why it is on our list of the most exciting cities in the world, alongside Las Vegas. For instance, Atlanta was the main inspiration for (Donald Glover’) Childish Gambino’s show Atlanta, as one of the places where nothing is boring. With so many things happening, any tourist will easily fall in love with Atlanta’s magic. As a southern city, it is mostly warm and excellent for being on the move a lot. The attractions in Atlanta include the Centennial Olympic Park, built for the 1996 Olympics, as well as the huge Georgia Aquarium. Also, the High Museum of Art and the Piedmont Park are a part of the list of attractions in Atlanta that you must see.

We also suggest visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site, especially if you want to get to know more about our history. The last but not least thing that you simply must visit here is the CNN headquarter, as this is one of the most famous news franchise in the world, which is why it has a spectacular building as well


Did you know that the name of Portland was in fact, chosen by a coin toss? We didn’t either until a while ago! It seems that Portland hides so many secrets and it is definitely a place that will keep you excited! As the city with more microbreweries per capita than any other city in the world, it is a place you go to have fun! As a city of roses, Portland is a very romantic place to spend a weekend or a week with a loved one as well. Still, one of the most important attractions in Portland is Forrest Park – which is one of the largest in USA. To make things even more interesting, Portland has the smallest park too – Mills End Park which is approximately two feet across.