Pix Of The Week

I never did get to my laptop yesterday to post photos. I was partaking in the festivities last night that the local adult refreshment establishment, the King Ko Inn, was having for “Cinco de Mayo” (or as it was affectionately referred to by anyone in town who cared to refer to it) “King Ko de Mayo.” Clever, eh? Actually people were calling it “Ocho de Mayo” which was only marginally more clever.

I wasn’t even planning on going. Breathing second-hand smoke for hours and listening to bad country rock is pretty low on my list of priorities these days. But I caved in the end and had a ton of fun (and made just one $7 draft beer last for over 2 hours). The foosball, pool table, and shuffle board were all free (the latter bringing back memories of my misspent youth in AZ in the early 60’s), the band rocked a varied song set, kept a decent rhythm and were on key, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Park service employees were just as much a part of the motley crew as any of the local bikers and salmon fisherfolk. I didn’t get hit on and also was not asked to show my i.d. Oh, the years that have passed…

As I walked back to the dorm at midnight with 2 other park employees, the remnant dark pink of our 58 degrees north latitude sunset was just fading into blue-black in the western sky. We mused about how there doesn’t seem to be all that much “night” here this time of the year – dawn comes early these days, and that, come mid-summer, there will only be maybe 2-3 hours of no daylight.

So I now present here for your enjoyment a random view of my life in King Salmon over the past week ~~~

Lunch view, Bristol Bay

Employee housing, King Salmon

Weather station near dorm

Bristol Bay, edge of Bering Sea

Fellow birders – National Migratory Bird Day

Paradise Point, Naknek River

Low tide, Naknek River

Snowshoe hare losing its winter coat

Northern Pintail with Lesser Sandhill Cranes, Naknek River

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Abandoned cannery, Bristol Bay

Greater Yellowlegs

My lower bunk

Lake Camp, Naknek Lake, Katmai NP

King Salmon air terminal

Naknek Beach, Bristol Bay, Bering Sea

King Salmon airport arrivals terminal