Not Such A Hard Act to Follow

I’ve been back in Utah for a week. My mind is slowly accommodating itself back to this fantastic scenery of the Colorado Plateau/Great Basin transition zone where I live.
When I first got home I thought that Alaska would certainly be a hard act to follow. The glaciers! The brown bears! Salmon migrating! The volcanoes! Backpacking to Novarupta, the site of the world’s largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century!!!
But then I said to myself “Hey Self! You live in Utah, a place where people from all over the world come on vacation!” There is mega-scenery and ginormous geology out there to be explored. Right next door is the incredibly scenic state of Nevada (it’s not just Las Vegas, people!) which has more discrete mountain ranges than any other state in the US, including Alaska. California has the Pacific Ocean, the San Andreas Fault and Lassen Peak and Mt. Shasta and Mt. Diablo State Park and Death Valley, among other jewels of geology. I can’t wait to get there! And Arizona – has anyone heard of the Grand Canyon??? You can swing a cat from my front porch, let it go, and with a good aim it will land on the North Rim (closed in the winter, however, so I will just have to drive an hour or so further to the South Rim).
So… what this means is that my blog will continue. YAY!!! Of course it will. I had no intention of stopping my writing when I departed Alaska. I will write about anywhere and everywhere I go, because the world is all so fantastic I want to continue sharing my experiences with everyone. I will try and write something at least once a week. I may just post a few pictures. But I will still be here, WATCHING FOR ROCKS in some of the most glorious geologic landscapes on the entire planet.
Woo Hoo!!!

Katherine Hanson

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