So Amazing And Totally Cool!

 The top six:United States – 4,553Germany – 1,845Barbados – 219 Russia – 154United Kingdom – 131Netherlands – 102

Even some cats like it when I read to them about geology!

And in decreasing numbers, in noparticular order:Spain- 1India – 53Canada – 48China – 39Croatia – 1Turkey – 1Philippines – 1Australia – 17South Korea – 2Malaysia – 2France – 8Greece – 8Slovenia – 10Japan – 44Kenya – 1

According to the Blogger stats, as of this morning people from all of these countries have visited my blog.   The numbers display how many hits have come from each country. This is so amazing and totally cool!  Each time I check the stats for the past day, week, month, and all-time, I get all goose-bumpy seeing so many countries represented.
Naturally I would expect the United States to show the most hits, but Barbados?  Third?  This is stunning information.  And The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Russia  – you rock!!!  The “no particular order” list is also intriguing – Slovenia?  Turkey?  Kenya??? I am impressed.  In fact, I am impressed by all the countries. Welcome to my world!

These stats have been calculated since I started the blog, whereas the cute little world map on the left (the widget below “Blogs I Enjoy”) has just been counting hits for the few weeks since I inserted it.  BTW – you should be able to click on this map and it should show individual countries on each continent.  In addition, I do not track my own pageviews so as to get as accurate a count as possible. Too much fun!!!

When I started writing WATCH FOR ROCKS this spring I was heading off to Alaska to work at Katmai National Park for the summer.  Like many others who decide to launch themselves into the blogosphere, I initially wrote for my family and friends so that they could keep up with my adventures; through me, they could travel vicariously to a location most would likely never be able to experience in person.   They were jazzed that I would be writing a blog and quickly signed up as Followers.   I had no idea how this all would play out, or whether anyone would be interested after I left Alaska and came back home to Utah.
Seven months later, readers from all over the world keep discovering WATCH FOR ROCKS.   During that time I have met up with folks who had googled “Katmai” as they were planning their trips and my blog popped up (those keywords typed in at the bottom of each post aren’t there for nothing!).  Others I have met along the way as our paths crossed serendipitously, viewing bears at Brooks River or backpacking in the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes;  I wrote my blog address on a slip of paper and encouraged people to join the adventure as they continued along on their own journeys.  Still others found my blog through a link on another website.
Although I personally know quite a few of the readers of my blog (Followers or not), I have never met  many others and perhaps never will.  I do sincerely hope you continue reading and enjoying my blog.  I am thrilled that you are intrigued enough by what I have to say to keep coming back and wish I could meet you all.
A couple days ago my sister helped me print WATCH FOR ROCKS business cards.  I am now on my way to the stratosphere of the blogosphere – no longer will I have to scramble for scraps of paper or bar napkins on which to scribble my blog address. I have even handed out a few already.
Woo Hoo!!!

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