My Hiking, Biking Friend

We hear a lot these days about the seemingly insurmountable health problems of retired folks. We might be inclined to think heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure are all we youngsters have to look forward to in our “golden years.” Oh, and don’t forget about arthritis! I guess we should all just get out the old rocking chairs and park ourselves on the porch for the duration.
Well, now… If this is all you think you have to look forward to in your golden years, let me introduce you to my hiking, biking friend John.

IMG_1255Riding TheTrails
John pauses on the Virgin River bike trail in St. George

Do you enjoy taking photos of where your feet have traveled?

104_0500 BigMountainMT
View from Big Mountain overlooking Whitefish Lake, northwest Montana – July 2005

Two weeks? Has it been that long?

This stuff will be going to Yellowstone with me

On the day after Easter I found myself riding 120 miles one–way with a friend to reconnoiter a future hike location.  It was an all–day affair.
When the setting is this Grand, the distance driven is worth the effort.

IMG_1286North RimGrandCanyon
Near Monument Point, North Rim Grand Canyon

It definitely had my name written all over it and so I bought it. All winter I had been on the lookout for a new watch to wear during the upcoming summer season at Yellowstone. A small attached card noted its attributes: “Represents inner strength and lasting beauty. Strengthens your endurance to any situation or issue in your life. Assists in the rebuilding and reconstruction of any disarranged skeletal structures. Found in Utah.”

The coolest watch in the world