Sulfurous Sunday

Visit any thermal area in Yellowstone National Park and you are sure to come upon at least one surprise. No two geyser basins are alike. Some are shimmering, steaming blue alkaline springs such as Grand Prismatic (the largest hot spring in North America).

GrandPrismatic_ Excelsior_ Turquoise
Grand Prismatic Spring in Midway Geyser Basin

In my last post I mentioned slogging through muddy, mucky river beds and boggy sage and/or willow flats. That’s pretty much how it’s done. If you ever want to track that charismatic central Rocky Mountain megafauna (or even the elusive Yellowstone two–lipped beaver), you might as well resign yourself to some serious slogging.

IMG_1816Tracking InSodaButteCreek
Tracking in Soda Butte Creek

Yikes!  Time sure has a way of slipping by, doesn’t it? I was gone from Grant Village for a week at the end of May, taking a “Tracks & Mammal Signs” class with the Yellowstone Association Institute. Internet access is non–existent at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch where I stayed, and so I got waaaay behind on keeping up with Watching For Rocks and tweaking my summer programs. But honestly, spending time up in Lamar Valley in the Northern Range of Yellowstone is well worth being out of touch with the world for a while.

IMG_1884Stream LamarValley
Stream through Lamar Valley


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