Geyser Gazing – Riverside Geyser Rainbow

I’m back in southern Utah now, and my third Yellowstone summer is a rapidly fading memory. The high elevation hot springs of one of the world’s largest active volcanoes have been replaced by a delicately sculpted red rock desert landscape. I can’t help but think back, though, on that last weekend in the Park.

Sawmill Geyser

Well – Castle certainly was an impressive 20 minutes, and we didn’t even know it was going to erupt!
Fellow geysergazers CW and I were on a mission (check it out here and here) to see as many predictable geysers as we could during my last weekend in Yellowstone. Daisy! Riverside! Grand! Here we come!

Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone

During my last weekend in Yellowstone I stumbled upon one of less than a dozen geysers in the Park that erupts predictably. As fellow geyser–gazers CW and I were on our way to somewhere else we were lucky to glimpse Castle Geyser in all its boiling, steaming action (you can read all about that fortuitous event here.

As a final finale to my third summer spent living and working in Yellowstone I decided to spend one day doing a bit of serious geyser gazing.

IMG_5615 CastleGeyser
We unexpectedly happened upon Castle Geyser as it was erupting