A Mid–Winter Yellowstone

There is a way to visit Yellowstone and have the place pretty much to yourself.


During the long cold months of a northwestern Wyoming winter, roads inside Yellowstone are only groomed for over–snow vehicles. There is the occasional skier who manages to ski the entire 35 miles between West Yellowstone and Old Faithful (in one direction or the other), but I definitely do not fit into that category of altitude–crazed athlete. I have enough to do just staying upright on the bunny slope (there will be more on this later).

IMG_6352 SnowcoachAnd Snowmobiles
The Bombardier and a line of snowmobiles stop for wildlife along the Park road

If you’ve ever been to Yellowstone during the summer, you know what I’m talking about. Massive crowds! Tortuous traffic! Mosquitoes the size of tour buses! And don’t forget all those blasé bison, blocking traffic and generating more crowds just because they can!

Want some advice?

Follow the ski tracks in the Upper Geyser Basin for a trail less traveled

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