A Peculiar Set Of Geologic Circumstances

Fossilization has been on my mind for several reasons, not the least of which is my having recently located a 270–ish million year old ammonite (read about the adventure here).

IMG_6493Permian LimestonesNEFWFR
Permian limestones – where fossils are found

Not too long ago a friend emailed me an intriguing image.

What’s this? He inquired.

Well, jeez, I replied. That’s an ammonite! Where in the world did you find that? 

An ammonite from NW Arizona

Whoa! Has it really been since the end of February that I last posted anything? Time sure has its way of slipping quickly past us, doesn’t it? Happily, though, I have been out and about, geologizing myself and my friends into a fiendish frenzy while finding fascinating stuff. It has just taken me a while to write anything up.

Ben and Cindy, in a place unofficially named “Garnet Hill”