Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flyin' (not Cryin') Time

Lazy morning at the Ramada Inn Downtown Anchorage, for sure!

Blew in to town 30 minutes ahead of ETA, at midnight Alaska time which was 2:00 a.m. Utah time. I was one tired puppy dog. Flight was uneventful until descent into Anchorage where we hit some turbulence. Some mild hyperventilating and I was fine.

Amenities in "economy class" (aka the cheap seats) are negligible these days (a seat with no leg room; some peanuts and water to wash them down with) but Delta airlines did provide free movies to watch on that seatback in front of you. As I sipped on a Jack & Coke, Jeff Bridges as Bad Blake in "Crazy Heart" was my seat partner of choice while we glided over the Pacific northwest. Loved the music and I was doing some serious chair dancing.

According to the cool onboard flight tracking (also available on the seatback in front of you), airspeed was 900-something km/hour and we cruised at 34,000 feet plus change (jeez, they had the altitude in meters too) with an outside air temperature of -57 degrees Fahrenheit.

I'm glad I was INSIDE the plane.

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